Running rifidi with no internet connectivity

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Running rifidi with no internet connectivity

Postby Matt » Tue Apr 03, 2012 12:51 pm

For Rifidi 1.2, you could use it either offline or online with no issues.

Since our move to spring 3.0.5 and ActiveMQ 5.5 in version 1.3 there has been a bit of an issue when using Rifidi on a box with no internet connectivity. The reason for this is the XSD files referenced in config/rifidi-amq-external.xml, specifically ... ns-3.0.xsd and ... -5.5.0.xsd. First, spring will attempt to reach those files online. If it can't reach them online it will attempt to go to local backups stored in their respective jar files. In 1.2, those backups are reached successfully and there is no further problem. In 1.3, the backups are not reached and an error occurs. I'm not sure why the local backup isn't referenced correctly, but I'm still working on a permanent solution.

Luckily there is a rather easy temporary solution that doesn't require you to rebuild the Edge project. First, get this zip file here:
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and extract it to somewhere that can be referenced by the edge server. For the sake of this example I'll assume that you are on windows and you have extracted it into your C:\ directory, although you can extract it to whatever folder you like and this will work on any operating system (NOTE: if you are on Linux before the path you use has the proper permissions! If in doubt, add it to your user directory in the /home folder). Change the header of the rifidi-amq-external.xml to look like this:

Code: Select all
<beans xmlns=""
   xmlns:amq="" xmlns:xsi=""

The "classpath:" line will point to the spring-beans-3.0.xsd file, which is placed at that location by the spring jar files at startup and is referable from the classpath. The "C:\\activemq-core-5.5.0.xsd" is an absolute path to the xsd file extracted from the attached document. In this case I assume that it is in the C:\ directory, but it doesn't have to be there. On windows be sure to use two backslashes "\\" whenever a single backslash "\" would be used, and also try to avoid referencing a file path that has any spaces in it like "Documents and Settings" or "Program Files". On Linux you can simply copy the absolute path as is. Assuming the reference is correct everything should work after saving the document and restarting Rifidi.

If anyone has any trouble with these steps go ahead and post a comment on this board and I'll help you out.

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